Art has been here for centuries, offering the world tremendous pieces of work. The evolution of art has seen various art forms introduced by renowned artists all around the globe. Each art form has its own unique style and characteristics which make it differ from the others. From the millions of work of art, here are the most famous of all.


  1. Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci was brought to fame by this portrait of a woman named Lisa, wife of Francesco; a cloth and silk merchant. Her mysterious smile is what attracts most people. There have been myths that her lips portray two different emotions; one half is happiness while the other is sadness. Nevertheless, this painting attracts more than six million people every year to the Louvre Museum in Paris where it lies in a secure glass box.


  1. The Last Supper

This is another world famous painting done by Da Vinci in the late 15th century of the reaction of the twelve disciples when Jesus said that one of them would betray him. It is displayed at the convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie in Milan, making it one of the most famous attractions in Italy. Due environmental conditions, low maintenance and intentional damage, very little of the original painting remains despite the many attempts of restoration.


  1. The creation of Adam

Painted on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in Rome, by Michael Angelo, this painting showcases humanity; God breathing life into Adam. This is the fourth of the nine paintings done related to the book of Genesis. It is said that it took him four years to complete the entire ceiling of the chapel. Angelo is usually well known for his statues and sculptures; however this painting brought him much fame.


  1. Starry Night

This painting was done by Dutch and expressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, in 1889. This is one of the most well known pieces in the modern culture, which portrays the view from his asylum window of the sky just before sunrise. This is displayed as a permanent artwork in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This view has been drawn twenty one more times, displaying various times of the day.


  1. The Scream

This is the most famous art by David Munch, an expressionist artist who gave more value to emotions that physical activity of people. This was painted around 1893, when modern art was coming into the limelight. The specialty of the painting is that it was done a cardboard by pastel and oil colours. This is displayed at The National Gallery of Oslo in Norway.