Children are beings who learn and grasp new things very fast. With this fast moving society, the creative subjects have been forgotten by the school curriculum which can be immensely harmful for the developments of a child. Our brain has two parts, left and right, where one handles quantitative knowledge and the other handles arts knowledge. So for a kid to have a balanced mind, this arts knowledge too is important. So here are some of the benefits of art for child development.


  1. Creativity and innovation

As mentioned above, creativity should be inculcated in kids since a very early age. With competition all around the world, even among kids, they hardly engage in activities that will relax their mind and let them improve their creative skills. The world needs innovatively thinking people, not robots who work on orders. Innovation is what drives the world since technology is rapidly changing.


  1. Improved academic performance

As a parent if you think that encouraging you kid to engage in arts will waste his time, then think twice. It is more like for a kid involved in arts to be good in math, win an award for his science project, write a commendable essay or poem etc. Also do not forget the academic learning he gets. While painting, he could learn new shapes, colours too.


  1. Decision making

According to researches, it was found that art will develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in kids. The simple act of choosing an appropriate colour for the drawing can be adequate for such a development. If any mistake regarding colours used or shapes drawn, your kid will learn to solve such problems by critically thinking what can be done to amend it.


  1. Perseverance

There can be numerous times when kids feel too pressurized by their extra activities and they decide to quit. However, arts will make sure your kid loves it and will never give up on anything that they do. Such a strength, courage and perseverance are what art teaches them.


  1. Cultural Awareness

We live in a society that needs to be understood by your kid since he too will someday live in this society. Art is something that can influence kids to the right ideology about certain social aspects. For example, if the child has seen many cultural differences around them, racial violence etc. It can be seen in what and how they draw. The use of sharp colours such as red along with cutting edge shapes can be a used to identify different emotions of kids.